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Dave Duclett
714.637.2409 #224
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Mark Allen
Vice President
714.637.2409 #226
Email Mark Allen
Adrian Giannetti
714.637.2409 #227
Email Adrian Giannetti
Jennifer Douglas
AR & AP Manager
714.637.2409 #233
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Project Operations

David Ford
Operations Manager
714-637-2409, Ext. 236
Email David Ford
Mike Douglas
Construction Manager
714-637-2409, Ext. 228
Email Mike Douglas
Chris Hall
Senior Project Manager
714-637-2409, Ext. 239
Email Chris Hall
Glenn Meyer
Senior Project Manager
714-637-2409, Ext. 230
Email Glenn Meyer
Leo Espinoza
Project Manager
714-637-2409, Ext. 225
Email Leo Espinoza
Charles Gautschi
Project Manager
714-637-2409, Ext. 225
Email Charles Gautschi
Jonathan Hall
Project Manager
714-637-2409, Ext. 252
Email Jonathan Hall

Field & Shop

John Lupin
Shop Foreman
714-637-2409, Ext. 250
Email John Lupin
Kevin Pitts
Field Superintendent
714-637-2409, Ext. 231
Email Kevin Pitts
Erik Steelman
Field Superintendent
Email Erik Steelman
Rob Aguirre
Field Superintendent
Email Rob Aguirre

Sales & Office Staff

Mark Allen
Vice President
714-637-2409, Ext. 226
Email Mark Allen
Mike Johnson
Senior Estimator
714-637-2409, Ext. 248
Email Mike Johnson
Lina Villa
Purchasing Agent
714-637-2409, Ext. 222
Email Lina Villa
Emilie Donaldson
714-637-2409, Ext. 221
Email Emilie Donaldson


Elmer Barco
BIM Specialist
714-637-2409, Ext. 237
Email Elmer Barco
Saul Perches
Senior CAD Specialist
714-637-2409, Ext. 246
Email Saul Perches
Enrique Villa
CAD Specialist
Email Enrique Villa