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CMF, Inc. is a full-service architectural metal fabricator and installation company.

CSI Codes

California License No. 196129 (B General Building Contractor, C20 HVAC, C39 Roofing, C43 Sheet Metal)

Federal I.D. 95-2104443, Standard Industrial Code 1761.

Scope items applicable to the company’s work

  • 05 58 00 Formed Metal Fabrications
    • Column Covers
  • 05 70 00 Decorative Metal
    • Glazed Decorative Metal Railings
    • Decorative Formed Metal
  • 07 40 00 Roofing and Siding Panels
    • Metal Roof Panels
    • Metal Wall Panels
    • Insulated Metal Wall Panels
    • Composite Wall Panels
  • 07 60 00 Flashing and Sheet Metal
    • Sheet Metal Roofing
    • Sheet Metal Flashing and Trim
    • Sheet Metal Roofing Specialties
    • Flexible Flashings
  • Roof and Wall Specialties and Accessories
    • Roof Specialties
    • Roof Accessories
  • 07 90 00 Joint Protection
    • Preformed Joint Seals
    • Expansion Control
  • 08 90 00 Louvers and Vents
    • Louvers
    • Louvered Equipment Enclosures
    • Vents
  • 10 70 00 Exterior Specialties
    • Exterior Sun Control Devices
  • 10 82 00 Grilles and Screens


CMF manages its design-assist, project analysis, and shop drawing activities in-house with a team of trained and experienced CAD and Building Information Modeling (BIM) professionals.

Using AutoCAD 2018, Revit 2018 and Rhino 3D, the company uses BIM to integrate its designed systems with the overall project and to avoid conflicts when the installation begins. The company also provides structural calculations and other engineering services through its collaboration with some of the best firms in the business.

The CMF team knows the success of a project relies on timely and precise information, as well as effective communication. Our objective with shop drawings is to provide an accurate roadmap of the project with extreme attention to detail.

We also provide our customers with technical assistance on a wide range of construction and application issues – such as minimizing oil canning, solving complex waterproofing problems, allowing for proper drainage or handling dissimilar construction metals.


CMF has extensive fabrication and installation experience with all types of architectural metals.

The architectural metal marketplace is constantly evolving, with architects choosing from a wide array of metals in virtually any type, color, finish, size or configuration. The CMF team understands the technical and aesthetic considerations of each type of metal and provides design assistance and advice regarding advantages and disadvantages in specific applications. CMF specializes in exotic, natural, anodized or painted metals. Some of the more commonly used metals include copper, stainless steel, titanium, galvanized steel, zinc and aluminum. Several project examples are listed below.

Aluminum Composite

Aluminum Plate


Painted Galvanized


  • Malibu Lumber

Porcelain Tile

Nordstrom Century City

Manufacturers / Fabricators

AEP Span
Roofing and wall panel systems

Contrarian Metal Resources
Stainless Steel, titanium & zinc

Elward Systems Corporation
Aluminum composite panel systems

Firestone Metal Products
Una-Clad roofing & wall panel systems/column covers
www.unaclad.comKeith Panel Systems
Aluminum composite panel systems
Roofing and wall cladding systems

Kingspan Insulated Panels
Roofing and wall panel systems

Louvers & Expansion Joints
Construction Specialties
Expansion joint systems, louvers, sunshades

Metal Sales Manufacturing Corporation
Roofing and wall panel systems

Overly Manufacturing Company
Roofing & cladding systems

Zinc for roofs and façades

Riverside Group
Aluminum & stainless steel composite panel systems

Trespa™ International
Resin/Wood based Panel Systems

Umicore/VM Zinc
Zinc for roofs and façades

Universe Corporation
Aluminum composite panel systems

Centria Architectural Systems
Insulated wall panels/Screenwall panels

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