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Los Angeles, CA

LAX Automated People Mover

Architect: HNTB and HDR Architects
Contractor: LINXS
The Details

The Automated People Mover (APM) at LAX is $2 billion elevated electric train system connecting LAX terminals with public transit, and the offsite rental car facility (CONRAC).  LINXS awarded the metal panel and ceiling scopes to CMF under a design assist contract for all 5 stations and pedestrian walkways. The scope includes 312,000 SF of EVO Plate panels at all station exteriors and interiors, and 61,000 SF of custom plate column enclosures – all custom designed, fabricated and installed by CMF. The contract also consists of 390,000 SF of metal ceiling and soffit panels designed by Specified Design Systems.

On left:  Ceiling panel installation on the West ITF station

Photography courtesy of Los Angeles World Airports


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