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rubys dining car
Brea, CA

Ruby’s Dining Car

Architect: J. C. Marvic
Contractor: Platinum X Construction
2021 Tom Guilfoy Memorial Craftsmanship Award
The Details

The Ruby’s Dining Car was designed to look like an old-time railcar. Drawings presented to CMF had an overall footprint and schematic design, however, there were very few details to work with. Our company needed to develop all the design and fabrication details to bring the architect’s vision to life. The Dining Car was to be a new extension to the closed Farrell’s Ice Cream restaurant. Its inspiration came from the Rosebud Kitchen and Bar, a retro diner located in Somerville, a suburb of Boston.

In addition to the complex fabrication requirements, installation of each part needed to be coordinated with the remodeling efforts of the existing building. Tolerances were extremely tight, creating the need for CMF to build and install custom framing for many of the interior and exterior parts.

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